Thursday, November 19, 2020

Friday Five: It's My Favorite Time of Year

This time of year is my absolute favorite in terms of shopping. There are so many beautiful holiday sweaters out there and so many of them are calling my name.  This year we may have nowhere to go and no need of dressing up.  That makes me so sad since I can find quite a great variety of things I'd love to wear. I'm thankful for each day that I get to go to work with students coming to school in person.  Although we are seeing a huge surge in Covid cases, I am still hoping and praying that we are able to carry on with life without shutting down entirely.  Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but I have no desire to shut down again.  

Here are some of the great things I found this week: 

1.  Kinetic Conquest Boots - I love these boots that are featured in Oprah's December magazine. She gives a discount code for them and I wish I could think of some reason I need a pair.

2.  Festive Check Skirt - I already bought a festive skirt in buffalo plaid but I also think this one is lovely.

3.  Green Corduroy Ashford Pants - I have never in my life considered a pair of green corduroy pants, but now that I've seen them, they are all I want. 

4.  Chambray Bow Shirt - my initial reaction to this bow shirt was rather meh. But I've seen it a few times now and it has grown on me.  Definitely falling more in love with it.

5.  Scarf Pullover Sweater - and now that I've seen this sweater, I want it.  I just wonder if somehow the plaid portion would look wrinkly, tangled, etc.  Right now it looks so crisp and clean. 

6.  Vero Moda Simone Fair Isle Sweater - and how could I have a Friday Five without a Fair Isle sweater?

7.  Fair Isle Sweater  - or two?

8.  Velvet Trimmed V-Neck Tunic in Stewart Tartan- Stewart Tartan is another favorite of mine. I love the velvet detail.

9.  Pull on Peyton Pants - I fell in love with these pants last year, but never ordered them. I'm still waiting for a great sale, but I'm happy to see them again.

10.  All I Want For Christmas is Books Sweatshirt - I'm debating on if this is something I need. I would love to wear it to school for the holiday season, but that's about the only place I would want to wear it, and I'm not sure it meets our dress code requirements.

That's it for me this week. What's caught your eye?



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Ti said...

Those green pants. My daughter would DIE. She loves stuff like that. She just got some orange ones for auditions. I was like, Orange?? But her coaches told her to dress like she is going out with her friends to a nice dinner and I have to say, they are fabulous. They are bright orange and wide legged.

The other day I had to wear real pants after I tried to wear sweats to my youth group in person meetup. They looked at me weird. We are in a curfew now and back to purple tier which is pretty restrictive so we won't be meeting in person again for awhile.