Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday Five: Labor Day Weekend

Hooray for a three day weekend!  I am happy to have a few days off to rest and relax.  And plan.  I am teaching one class to eighth grade this year and because it is the first time, I feel woefully unprepared.  

The clothes I am looking at is a cross between summer and fall, much like the weather.  

1.  Belted Flare Skirt - I love this skirt, although I have nowhere to wear it.  It looks more like summer than fall, but it is beautiful.

2.  Striped Scarf - the square scarf is coming back. I have yet to buy one, but I definitely can see adding it to my wardrobe.

3.   Dot Textured Shirred Shell - And this shell is lovely.  Again, I don't have anywhere to wear it but I am trying to dress up a little more for work, so this might be a good addition to my work wear.

4.  Patterned Crew Neck Cardi- I feel like I can never have too many cardigans.  I also love a good polka dot, so this would work well for work or casual. 

5.  Black and White Pixel Pocket Capri - My daughters are all about a good pair of black leggings. Me? I love leggings that are wild and crazy and patterned.  I try to tone it down a little and not be too crazy, and I think these are a nice compromise.

6.  Printed Girlfriend Chino - we were in the Gap a few weeks ago and I saw these pants and love them. When I told my girls they were decidedly less thrilled with them.  Not their style, I guess, but they are mine.

7.   Tartan Sneakers - last year I bought a pair of buffalo plaid slip-ons that I wore all the time.  These tartan plaid sneakers are super cute and I'm hoping that plaid footwear is all over the place this fall.

8.  Raquel Top - I love this color and the simple style of this top.  Sundance has such beautiful things.

9.  Women's Plaid Oversize Blazer - my friend Sarah sent me a picture of this blazer when she was shopping at Target.  Apparently this is a throwback to the 90s.  And I still like the look.

Women's Plaid Oversized Blazer - Wild Fableâ„¢ Red - image 2 of 3

10.  Women's Long Sleeve Tuxedo Bib Woven Dress - This dress looks comfy and yet still dressy, which is exactly what I like.

Women's Long Sleeve Tuxedo Bib Woven Dress

That's it for me this week.  What's caught your eye?

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Ti said...

Your plaid game is strong.

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