Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy Sunday: Let's Try This Again

I think it was already several months ago when I thought that I would post every Sunday. Well, I posted once on a Sunday.  And that was that. I think about it every week.  And sometimes I even have some ideas rolling around in my head about what I would write about.  But that would mean getting organized.  And motivated.

Today I think I might get it done.

Each week I come across great things online.  So, in the spirit of my Friday Five post, I'm sharing five things I read online this week that I enjoyed.

My oldest daughter is all about Harry Potter. She's nearly sixteen, so I thought perhaps her love would wane a bit.  But just yesterday she was re-reading the third book in the series.  And she is the one who informed me that Harry turned twenty.  USA Today has an article commemorating this big event in the publishing industry.

I love podcasts  I'm still mourning the loss of Books on the Nightstand with Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman.  Recently Michael was a guest on Just The Right Book with Roxanne Cody. In addition to chatting about summer books to add to your TBR, they also discussed some great indie bookstores to visit. This link shares an indie bookstore in every state to add to your itinerary when you travel.

Inside Prairie Lights Book Store in Iowa City, my favorite local indie book store

I haven't baked much recently (that's not always a bad thing because when I bake, I eat what I make).  Smitten Kitchen has a recipe for a raspberry buttermilk cake. The recipe looks extremely easy -and tasty. And since raspberries are a staple I've been buying at the grocery store, I think this is on my "to make" list for the week.

I'm a big fan of The Modern Mrs. Darcy.  On Tuesday she had an online test to assess your reading personality.  I took the test (of course) and think there are some serious flaws with it (some questions I could answer multiple ways, some questions don't have any answer that works), but of course I still enjoyed seeing the results.

And, lastly, I've been tracking my steps on my phone pretty consistently for a few years now. Although I strive for the 10,000 steps a day I have always heard as a guideline, there are definitely days I don't make that mark, and there are days I am well beyond the 10,000 steps.  The Today show did a story this week on the myth of the 10,000 steps that has me thinking a bit more about my activity level, and whether or not I should sucker in to buying a Fitbit.

And, I feel the need to leave you with a photo of how our week ended.

Our friends have a baby calf right now that needs bottle feeding. Having grown up on a farm, I've had that experience, but my girls never had.  Little Sister is an animal lover, and getting to do this was right up her alley.  The other two tried it out as well, and I did take pictures of them, but Little Sister is the only one who is still OK with me sharing pictures of her.

Have a great week, everyone and enjoy the Fourth of July holiday!


Patti Smith said...

I like to bake too but don't do it much for the very reason you mentioned! I'll eat it!! :) Love Sunday, don't you :) Sweet calf and sweet girl :):)

Ti said...

I am at work today in a temp space while my space is being remodeled and although the people have been very friendly, it is loud down here and the AC doesn't work as well. Plus, I have a camera right above me which is a total drag. I have a camera in my other office too but it's not visible from where I sit. I make faces when emails that I do not like come in so I am very aware of that right now.

I try to post every Sunday and usually do but I don't push myself to do it. If it happens it happens. If I don't feel up to it or have nothing to say then I skip it.