Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Five

I feel like summer has barely gotten underway, and here it is, the Fourth of July. I'm hoping July is a little calmer than June, and I might finally feel like tackling some cleaning projects.  Or at least doing the cleaning projects, even if I don't feel like it. are a few things I found this week:

1.  Rundies - I know I featured these long ago, but I still love them.  I just wish I didn't have to buy such a big pack, because they are fairly pricey.

2.  Women's Embroidered Knit to Woven Cap Sleeve Top - I saw this at Target the other day and unfortunately I didn't snap it up immediately. I am thinking about going back and grabbing it though. I'm already planning on wearing it with white shorts or jeans, or eventually navy pants when school starts up again.

3.  Modal Spacedye Tie Dress  - I actually ordered this dress, but it hasn't arrived yet so the verdict is still out on it.  I have very little dress clothes, and even though I like how they look, I never really feel like getting dressed up.  I'm all about comfort.

4.  Women's Adidas Neo Courtset Shoes - this is a sad approximation of the shoes I saw at Scheels earlier this week.  I like that they are navy and I would love to have a pair to wear to work.  Seriously, though, we just got back from vacation, where I felt like I was opening up my wallet every two seconds, so I need a bit to recover from spending, spending, spending.

5.  Women's Kona Maxi Skirt - Stripe  - Eddie Bauer has their sales going on right now.  This is a great time to pick up some of their things but at a much discounted rate. I've been eyeing this skit for quite a while and as I was browsing this morning saw several other things I "needed."

6.  Wackee Six Card Game- Janssen wrote about her family playing this card game in this blog post and it sounded like such a great game, I went and ordered it from Amazon.  We were also meeting up with friends for vacation and they love playing board games.  I will attest that we've had a lot of fun already with this one, and right now my ten-year old asks me every night if we can all play a couple rounds.  This would make a great Christmas gift...and since today marks the halfway mark of 2017, Christmas is right around the corner.

So how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

Are the Rundies made to be worn in public? I see pics of the product and people wear them like running shorts. If my butt looked that good, I'd pay $70 to show it off. That's for sure.

That dress is dressy but I can also see it worn with Birks. Versatile.

I'm beginning to think I need one of those shopping services because I hate shopping and can't ever pick something. I can shop for other people quite well but not for myself. My kids have begun pointing it out to me.