Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Garden of Small Beginnings

The Garden of Small Beginnings is an enjoyable read with a female protagonist that is easy to understand and like. Just published on May 2, this is a perfect read for the spring as people think about planting their gardens and will identify with Lillian.

Lilian was just thirty-four when her husband was killed in an accident in front of their house. Left with two young daughters, Lilian first worked at getting herself together, and now works each day to provide a safe and stable home life for her girls. She doesn't have time for a romance of her own, easily passing off anyone's questions about this by saying that she isn't ready to date.

However, Lilian joins a gardening group as part of a work assignment and finds herself with a group of people that soon become more than just fellow gardening club members. They become real friends, and one man in particular would like to be more than friends.

This novel is about grieving and moving on, and about finding friends and family who will support you in good times and bad. Not only did Waxman create a great character in Lilian, she also provided supporting characters that were fun and entertaining as well and who added to this novel and to Lilian's life. Women's fiction readers won't want to miss out on The Garden of Small Beginnings.

I have also listened to a podcast that Waxman was a guest on and was excited to find out that she is already finishing a second novel.  Although about a different group of people, Lillian will make a brief appearance in that book so readers will be able to check in with her.

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Ti said...

This books sounds pretty wonderful. I cannot grow anything worth a darn but I know that gardening is a form of therapy for many.