Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Salon: It's Super Bowl Sunday

I have become very lazy about posting on Sundays. It's not because I am so busy, although there does always seem to be something to do.  I just have gotten out of the habit of it.  Sundays seem to go so quickly.  By the time I really think of it, it is already time to think about organizing myself for the upcoming week.

This weekend (like the rest this winter) has been consumed by wrestling for my husband and oldest daughter.  There are two weeks left in the season and then we will actually eat meals together and get home before 6:30 at night (on a good night).

Tonight we have the Super Bowl on, although we are not much interested in either team.  I made some good food to snack on and my mom is here for a bit to watch it and eat with us. 

I still hope to finish up Dragon Springs Road by Janie Chang tonight and get my meals organized for the week.  I'm also planning on doing a better job of posting on Sundays, but perhaps with a more organized plan.  I'm still thinking through what this might look like.

For now, enjoy what's left of your weekend!


Kay said...

Have a good week!

Ti said...

I am not a fan of either team but it was a good game and the halftime show was pretty awesome.
For the food, I am eating clean so I pared everything down to the basics and kept it very simple. I'm glad and it was fine. No one complained and no food was wasted.