Monday, February 6, 2017

My Not So Perfect Life

I have been a Sophie Kinsella fan since the first Shopaholic book was published.  I'll read anything she writes, and enjoy her fun novels that have a little bit more to them than one might initially expect.

My Not So Perfect Life is an entertaining stand alone novel that I fell more in love with as I read.

Katie Brenner is trying to make a go of life in London. Her entry level job is barely paying her bills, and it seems like everyone else has the life she would like to lead.

Her boss, Demeter, is intimidating, fashionable, and brilliant.  Katie would like nothing more than to be recognized for her talent and taken under Demeter's wing, but the only attention Demeter gives Katie is when she fires her- and that's after she can't remember if she's fired her already or not.

Katie returns to her parents' farm in Somerset, helping out with her father's new strike it rich plan of opening a bed and breakfast at their farm, providing activities and plenty of time getting back to nature.

When Demeter shows up for a week away with her family, Katie is tempted to get even with her ex-boss, especially since Demeter doesn't even recognize Katie. But, there's more to Demeter than Katie knows, and when Demeter's boss shows up to fire her, Katie must decide if she will help or hurt the woman who crushed her own dreams.

Kinsella provides plenty of laughs in this novel, a bit of romance, and even a little life lesson as Katie realizes the grass isn't always greener.  Although this novel could perhaps have been edited a bit and a few pages shaved off (at 435-ish pages it isn't exactly a quick read), I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Fans of hers won't be disappointed, and I'm already looking forward to whatever she writes next.

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