Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Five: It's Almost May

These weeks really do keep flying by.  We made it through another week of track meets, soccer practices, and softball practices.  I've been putting my computer in a place that is out of sight now when I'm not using it. This has led to a bit more computer-free time, apparently proving the idea of "out of sight, out of mind," but which doesn't help in finding things to share on Friday.  

I did manage to come up with SIX things today, so apparently there is plenty on the internet that interests me.

1.   Genoa Italian Leather Gladiator Sandals

I found a cheap pair much like these at Target last year. I wore them everywhere, and amazingly the gold coloring didn't even wear off.  I still like them and need to find where I stored them over the winter.

2.  Levi's 501 Desperado Patch Jeans

I love jeans that have a bit of character to them. These are new releases at Sundance.

3.  Camo Utility Jacket

My husband has never been a fan of any camo I have bought, but I love it.  This camo jacket is so cute.

4.  Geode Drops-Pink/Turquoise

 I have Big Mama to thank for these earrings.  I need to look around the Bauble Bar website a bit more, but I love the splash of color these would add.

5.  Mona B Bags

Our local gift shop, Wispy Willow, has these Mona B bags in.  I have seen them before and admired them, but now that I know they are so close, I am going to have to stop by and check them out.

6.  Litsy

This has been described to me as Instagram for book lovers. I am still trying to figure out this app, which I've downloaded and only played with for a short time.  
So, that's it. What's caught your eye this week?

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