Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Secrets of Flight

The Secrets of Flight is an interesting story that moves from past to present as Mary Browning turns eight seven and begins to work on writing her memoir.

She finds Elyse, a fifteen year old, who agrees to help her with this project, and is perhaps drawn to her because Elyse looks so much like her sister, Sarah. 

Mary then begins recalling her time as a Fly Girl, when she worked flying supplies during World War II.  This dream of flying planes ended after the war's completion when men returned to their jobs, and Mary searched for what to do with her life.

Elyse is struggling with things in her own life: her father moves out, she is assigned to work with her secret crush on a project, and she tries to navigate the usual teen pressures.  She develop a connection to Mrs. Browning through their work together.

The connection they develop is more than just the project they are working on together. As Mrs. Browning decides to undergo a routine gallbladder surgery and suffers complications, there is more of a connection than either woman can imagine.

Leffler does a great job of weaving these stories together, and in creating a little suspense as readers eventually figure out how Elyse and Mary are tied to each other.  

It took me a while to get into this novel, but once I did I was intrigued by the secrets this book revealed, and the look at life for the fly girls during the war.

This will be a fantastic book club selection, and should appeal to many readers.

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