Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Salon: Destruction Edition

Weather always seem like a safe topic to talk about. We've had some fantastic spring-like weather this past week. It might be a little premature to think that winter is on its way out, but I've loved this little teaser of what is to come.

This is Little Sister's iPod. It's just one thing that broke this past week.  I got a call from Little Sister on Thursday while I was working at school. She was sobbing about the fact that her iPod screen shattered.  Yes, it did.

Since then Big Sister's phone has also broken. We can't figure out what is wrong with it, so I'll need to take it in to be fixed.  Crossed fingers.  If it can't be fixed, I'm not sure exactly what our next step is, but it probably involves money.

And Dottie, my lovely dog,  ate one of my favorite pair of shoes.  Sigh.  

I'll admit these are all fairly minor annoyances, but it is making me crabby. 

The past week I had something every singe night: two nights of working at parent/teacher conferences, high school orientation for Big Sister (not possible!), a confirmation meeting for Big Sister (coming up in just three short weeks), and on Friday night attending a Michael W. Smith concert with my girls, and my sister and her family.

I fell in love with Michael W. Smith's music in college and still love it.  Seeing him again in concert was great - hard to believe he is 58!  And a grandfather!  

I've done grocery shopping and a little organizing for our upcoming week, which shouldn't be as crazy as the past week in terms of nighttime commitments. 

However, this week is a busy week at school.  In celebration of Leap Day tomorrow we are having some prize giveaways and activities to promote perfect attendance.  On Wednesday in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, I am dressing up as Thing 1 at school.  I can hardly wait to wear a blue wig all day.  And a tutu.

I'd like to think I'll get a little reading done, and perhaps even a little running. I'm enjoying my treadmill book a great deal right now. 

It's almost time to think about supper here. I've got a loaf of beer bread in the oven, and am planning on making some chicken and wild rice soon.  After that, it will be time to think for about the coming week.

How are you spending your weekend?

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