Monday, February 29, 2016

The Legend's Club

John Feinstein's book is being published just in time for March Madness, a perfect time for any basketball fan to watch - and read about - their favorite sport.  

The Legend's Club: Dean Smith, Mike Kryzewski, Jim Valvano, and an Epic College Basketball Rivalry is a book that instantly made me think of my father who spent his weekends watching college basketball during my childhood.  Kryzewski, Valvano, and Smith are all names I am familiar with, although Feinstein's book goes into much greater depth and detail than the little information I had previously known.

A true basketball lover will eat this book up.  My dad would enjoy every last word because it is a familiar story to him with more details added in.  I don't have nearly the depth of knowledge of this time period in sports or these teams, but I still enjoyed learning more about these three iconic coaches and their teams and relationship with each other. 

Feinstein never disappoints, and this latest book is a perfect addition to his body of work that centers around sports.

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