Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Salon: Another Freezing Weekend

We are ushering another week in with sub-zero temperatures.  I know it's winter and we live in Iowa, but I could do without such freezing cold weather.

We are now taking our dog, Dottie, to doggie daycare once a week.  She is a rescue dog we adopted a few months ago and despite having taken her to one session of obedience school, she is giving us a run for our money.

The day she is at daycare she is at least tired when we pick her up and bring her home.  Otherwise her energy is endless and it is too cold for us (and her) to spend a lot of time running around outside.

She looks peaceful and sweet here, but her constant peeing and pooping in our house is getting old.  If anyone has some great ideas for a dog who doesn't really seem to get the idea of going outside to the bathroom, I'm all ears.

Today I've made up a batch of cheeseburger soup. I also tried out a donut recipe yesterday I pinned on pinterest, and my mom's Heritage Apple Cake recipe.  

We don't have school tomorrow, and I have some errands to run for myself and my mom who is still recovering from back surgery.  The past week has been busy with work, going to her house each evening to help her with some daily tasks, and then carting my kids around to wherever they need to be.  Chris is in the middle of wrestling season, so his evenings are tied up with practices and meets.  

I appreciated all the relaxing I've been able to do so far this weekend. I finished off three books already. The only minor flaw was that Middle Sister was at a friend's house yesterday when she fell and hit her head and needed four stitches.  She is recovering today by lying on the couch watching Netflix.

I also forgot the book I was reading, Deep Down Dark, the story of the 33 Chilean miners stuck underground for 69 days, at school.  I have only 80 pages left, and managed to leave it there on Friday - on a three day weekend. Unfortunately I am stuck waiting until Tuesday to get to finish it off.  I debated purchasing a kindle version, but with the towering TBR stacks I have I decided to read something else I have sitting around.

I'm hoping for warmer weather and another relaxing day at home.  I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and is staying warm!


Kay said...

Your life sounds a bit frantic right now - what with weather and the dog and the stitches. Hope your Mom is feeling better and her recovery going well, hope MSis's head heals nicely, hope the puppy begins to comply with the 'rules about toilet training (so to speak)', and hope you can stand the wait to finish your book. Whew! I'm tired just listing all that. And the weather. Well, I guess it is winter after all. ;-)

Ti said...

Crate training. Saved my life. You can Google it but it made all the difference. You buy a big enough crate for the dog to turn around in and stand up but that's it. You keep water in there but no food or pads. You have the dog stay in the crate for 1-2 hours at a time at first but then up to three or so. When they come out, you take them outside. They learn to hold it, basically. It's not cruel. They end up loving their crate if you do it right. My dog still sits in her crate when we are gone even though the door is open.

Ti said...

Oh, and before you take them out of the crate, you make them sit. Never remove them if they are barking or they will think that the barking is what makes you let them out.