Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five

Happy Friday! And happy long MLK, Jr. weekend to those of us who get an extra day off on Monday  Maybe with that extra day I'll get our Christmas decorations taken down.  Or maybe I'll have a Downton Abbey marathon.  Which sounds more fun to you?

I haven't been doing a whole lot of clothes shopping this past week, but there are a few other things that have caught my eye.  Here are this week's Friday Five:

1.  Making of a Murderer on Netflix

I started watching this one last weekend and am enjoying it so far. There is certainly a lot of attention being given to it in the media, so I am anxious to see the series in it's entirety and also read some of the other side's arguments.

2.  Old Dutch Lime Chips

When my brother-in-law and family were back for Christmas, my sister-in-law cooked supper for us all one night. We had fish tacos for supper, and I fell in love with the guac recipe she used (which I still need to attempt) and the Sea Lime and Salt chips.  I've tried other brands since then, and the Old Dutch are still the best in my book.

3.  Women's Eddie Bauer Covey Boot

I still haven't bought a pair of boots. I'm finding it hard to pull the trigger on spending money now.  However, this pair is on sale at Eddie Bauer. They aren't the tall books I want, but now I think I need a tall pair and a shorter pair.  Right?

4.  God Bless The Country Raglan T

I love Melanie at The Big Mama blog.  Today in her ten picks on Friday she referenced Junk Gypsy which I had never heard of.  I've only looked at the T-shirts so far, but as a farm girl, I'm loving this one.

5. What Should I Read Next Podcast

There are two episodes of this new podcast out so far, and I'm enjoying them.  My one gripe is that this totally could have/should have been my gig.  

So, that's all!  A quick Friday Five as I attempt to catch up with some work and with cleaning.  

Enjoy the weekend!

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Ti said...

Those boots are perfect and a great price. I like the black ones, too.