Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five: Feeling Blue

Here in Iowa weather is always a hot topic of conversation.  Maybe people who live in a warm climate find themselves talking about it, too, but here with the way the weather changes, it seems to be an endless source of discussion.  There's a huge blizzard forecast to hit us next week.  but, it's almost February which means I'm starting to think spring.

Blue always seems to be a big color for the spring, which I appreciate. And there is plenty of blue out there this year.  Here are just five items that caught me eye this week. 
I'm feeling pretty proud of myself that I haven't purchased anything yet, but Gap has 35% off right now and Loft has 40% off. That's a hard thing to pass up!

Enjoy!  What have you been eyeing this week?

1.  Women's Ravenna Crochet Tank Top

2.  Embroidered Stripe Long Sleeve T

3.  Gap Stripe Crew Sweatshirt

4.  Loft Knit Utility Tunic

1 comment:

Ti said...

Oh my gosh, all the Gap stuff is so adorable right now.

I am thinking of spring too right now, mainly because it has been 70 degrees the last few days. i really think El Nino passed us by. The mountains are getting tons of snow and that's where So Cal gets a lot of its water but it won't be enough to save us from drought.