Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Drifter


Nicholas Petrie has created a wonderful debut novel, a suspense-filled story about Peter Ash, a soldier back from Iraq and Afghanistan suffering from PTSD.

Peter doesn't much want to spend time being confined. When he is in situations like that, he hears "white static" what he has taken with him from his time in combat.

However, he pushes himself to go to Milwaukee after her hears of Jimmy's death. Jimmy and Peter were best friends in their time in combat, and Peter can hardly believe that Jimmy killed himself.

In an effort to assuage his own guilt over not reaching out to his friend, he begins doing some home improvement projects for Jimmy's widow and children.  

And when he is repairing the porch he comes across a vicious dog, which turns out to be Jimmy's and a suitcase full of money.  

Peter sets off to find out where the money came from and how Jimmy was involved with it.  

What he finds out puts him in danger and reveals an entire group of people who are out to protect themselves and their plans - and get their money back.  

Petrie's novel is gritty and dark, and full of suspense.  Peter Ash is a well developed character, and The Drifter is what could easily be the first in a series.

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