Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Salon

AHHHHH!  I am not ready for the real world tomorrow.  

We put our tree up yesterday along with our other decorations, so we are attempting to be ready for the holiday season, which is gearing right up.  

We host Thanksgiving at our house each year, and this year my brother and his family and my sister and her family joined us. That brought our grand total up to 18 people for the Thanksgiving meal. We all might have over-baked for this since we are more accustomed to a smaller group. I still have lots of leftovers for us to eat.

Our other annual tradition is putting together a jigsaw puzzle after the meal is over.

My new-ish tradition is shopping with my friend Robin on Thanksgiving evening . We hit Target around 6:30 PM with my sister and Big Sister and Middle Sister. The best part of this is that we never have anything that we really need to get. We just like going to look.  And we are always sucked in by the ultra cheap DVDs.  This year was no exception.  I am feeling like we've stocked up for quite a while.

I bought the fifth season of Downton Abbey, and after some rave reviews from a few other people the girls consented to watch it with me.  So, we've started back at season 1.  I tried to get them to watch it long ago, but it never really stuck. This time, though, they have been begging each day to watch another episode.  We aren't binge watchers at our house, so one episode a day is all we get through - which perhaps makes them want to watch it that much more.

I've done plenty of online shopping this weekend, quite a bit of reading, some cleaning, attended a wrestling meet at UNI with my family, taken the middle school church youth group to see Woodlawn, and attempted to prepare myself for the week ahead.

And it's Sunday night, and I can think of lots of things I still need/want to get done.  Where does time go?

Hopefully you are feeling well rested from this holiday weekend, and are ready to enjoy the beginning of December!

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