Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Salon

I was lucky enough to have a three day weekend since we had conferences this past week.  On Friday I worked on some projects around the house -hanging up pictures that I've had sitting around for quite a while and trying to clean out and organize.  My house is always going to be a work in progress, I think.

The big news around our house is that we adopted a dog on Friday.  Dottie is a rescue dog that we looked at earlier this week. After we had to put our dog Sammy down we knew we wanted another dog. However, my husband was definitely not on board with this decision.  We all knew once he met her he would fall in love with her. She is one sweet dog with a lot of energy.  She loves attention and will cuddle up with you if given a chance.  We don't quite have the potty training thing down yet, so we are going to have to work on that.  And as we predicted, everyone at our house loves her.  My husband took her around to meet the neighbors and show her off this weekend. 

After having three days off, it would be nice to feel ready to go back to work, but it's Sunday night and I still have to look at lesson plans and get things organized.  

I just made a few meals for the week, which should be somewhat less hectic since soccer is done for the season. Little Sister had a soccer tournament on Saturday all day. It wasn't horribly pleasant since it was rainy, but considering that it is the end of October, the weather isn't awful.

In just a few weeks wrestling season starts which means that my husband and oldest daugher (who helps as a manager) will rarely be home.

And, just to record this for posterity - Middle Sister and Little Sister managed to get some trick or treating in last night.

So, I'm off to prepare for the week.  My computer is working so slowly tonight I'm out of patience waiting for things to load.

Have a great week!


Kay said...

Your new pup is sweet looking. Reminds me of one of our granddogs, Cody. Have a good week, Tina! Your girls are always cuteness!

Ti said...

Dottie is adorable!! I am so happy that she has a loving home with you guys!