Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Salon

How can weekends fly by so quickly and yet the work week goes so slowly?  

We've had quite a few fun things to do these past few days: a high school football game, soccer games, getting to watch the Iowa football game with friends at their house, and a trip to the Mississippi River Museum with my mom and girls to see the Titanic exhibit.

The mornings are cold now, so when the soccer game began yesterday morning Middle Sister was wearing her winter coat under her soccer jersey. I wasn't even convinced she could walk - let alone run - so I was happy when she decided she had warmed up.  

My mom with Middle Sister and Little Sister outside at the Mississippi River Museum.  

And on the way home we stopped off to buy some pumpkins.  We're ready for fall!

Little Sister was sick for two days this past week, missing school and just being miserable. We are lucky that my mom is able to watch her on these occasions. 

I am hoping this week we don't have any sickness to contend with.  The after school hours are jam-packed with activities already without trying to add in a doctor appointment or urgent cares stop.

I've still got a lot to do before I'll be ready for school tomorrow. And since we booked up our weekend, we also don't have grocery shopping done. We have lots in our freezer and I'm about ready to do a cleanout of what we have before we go and buy more.  

Here's hoping your weekend has been relaxing and enjoyable and you feel ready for the week ahead.

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