Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Salon: Happy Birthday, USA Edition

Most of our holiday was extremely low key.  Perfect for relaxing - as Middle Sister found time to do. We did spend some time in the kitchen trying a few recipes to bring with us to our neighbors for a cook-out.  And today I'm feeling like I never want to eat anything unhealthy again. I'm on a sugar overload.

The weather is gorgeous again.  My husband has taken advantage of this three day weekend to do a few less than fun jobs: cleaning the windows outside, cleaning our gutters, and removing an old water softener from our basement.  

I am trying to work on getting things cleaned indoors which includes dumping a lot of stacks of papers that seem to accumulate at a rapid rate, catching up on laundry, and tackling our bedroom which serves as a great hiding spot for clutter when we have company.

I'm also in desperate need of time to curl up with a good book.  My husband's ambition to work on projects leaves me feeling guilty if I sit down and lounge.

Tonight for supper I've got watermelon, corn on the cob, chicken on the grill and potatoes lined up, which seems like just about the perfect summer meal to me.

This week Middle Sister and Little Sister have soccer camp every morning, Big Sister has XC runs three times, and I have to work on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I'm hoping for a few hot days so we can spend some afternoons at the pool, and also am hoping to get a few runs in.

I'm hoping everyone is having a fun and safe holiday weekend and has time to relax!

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