Monday, July 6, 2015

Blast From the Past

Ten years ago I was enjoying summer vacation and reading some really great books.  Here are the highlights:

I remember reading all but one of them and in most cases can't believe an entire decade has passed since I last shut the pages on the stories inside.

However, as I was looking through my book journal last night and at the list of books that made up my reading in July of 2005, I was surprised to see Thin Wood Walls by David Patneaude on the list.  I just read this book a few months ago for school - and had no previous recollection of ever having read the story.  Can I blame this on the fact that in the span of time between the first reading and the last one I have read over 2,000 books and simply can't remember them all? 

How about you? What were you reading ten years ago? Five? Last year? Have you read any of the books that I so enjoyed in July of 2005?

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