Monday, June 8, 2015

The Enlightenment of Nina Findlay

Nina Findlay has traveled to Greece to get away from her problems.  She has separated from her husband, Paolo, after twenty five years of marriage.  Now on the tiny Greek island where she and her husband honeymooned, Nina finds herself recovering in the hospital from an accident.

Her doctor, Christos, spends a bit of time each day with Nina learning about her past.  Nina explains the love triangle she has been a part of since childhood. While Paolo is the brother she married, Luca is the brother in whom Nina confides. 

Now Luca's wife has died and Paolo and Nina have separated, which seems as if Nina can now be with Luca. Yet things are not so easy. As Nina confides in Christos, she can see how her own childhood and her parents' relationship has influenced her marriage.

This is an interesting novel as it examines Nina's relationships with two men, showing how many twists and turns there are.  Gillies' characters were believable, yet Nina was hard to relate to and I still felt as though I didn't really know her even by novel's end.

The Enlightenment of Nina Findlay is very much a character driven novel as the complexities of Nina, Paolo and Luca are uncovered.  This was a fast read that kept my attention and had me wondering until the end at the decisions Nina would make.

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