Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday Salon: And Summer Has Officially Begun

It's a rare occurrence that my daughters' school dismisses after mine for the summer, but that's exactly what happened this year.  I didn't feel like there was extra time or anything since I was in and out of my school doing work, and visiting Little Sister one day as well. But it was nice to have a bit of extra time.

Now that summer has officially started for us we need to get into some type of schedule. (I say this every year but although my intentions are good, it is nearly impossible when no one else wants to go to bed at a reasonable time or get up before 9 AM).  This might be an ongoing battle, but Big Sister has an informal XC practice three days a week and weightlifting as well, so she will have to be up, which means the other two might as well just get up around the same time.

Here is the crew on the last day of school as a seventh, fifth, and second grader:

Summer also means coming up with a lunch each day for kids.  I feel like I spend all day in the kitchen.  That's another thing I need to figure out.

And of course once I figure this stuff out, it will be nearly time to return to school in the fall.

I'm not letting these things get in the way of swimming and pool time- we've only been once so far, but I see some serious pool time coming our way.

And before our second week of summer starts....

Today I treated myself to attending a painting party.  My daughters have all participated in them before, and  I have always wanted to.  So today was the day.  I still had to work around my broken finger but think my finished product is OK for the first time I've ever painted.

I'm grilling for supper tonight, and can't wait to start another book. I've been reading a book a day so far this summer, and am loving getting through some books that I've meant to read for far too long.

Find something you enjoy to do today! Don't waste this beautiful summer day!

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