Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Five

This week on Friday we are in North Carolina visiting friends.  I still found time to be online for a bit and am enjoying the relaxing and catching up.

We are in North Carolina visiting friends these past few days. And although I love catching up and making new memories with some of my favorite people, I also am always intrigued by the various things they have in their home that we haven't ever seen or heard of.

Tonight it was the butter container that we used for spreading butter on corn on the cob.  This would be so much handier than the way I spread butter on our corn back home.

So, this is probably a handy enough little item to spend a few dollars on.

I have a scarf like this from The Gap. I don't think I would wear the two together, but I'm loving this sweater at the Loft and would love to add it to my closet.

Chick Fil-A isn't something we have close to us. My sister has one in Des Moines, but even when we visit her, we never seem to think of it.  Since we are in the South there seems to be a Chick Fil-A on every corner.  We tried it out yesterday for lunch and all liked it.  I didn't put a picture on, but the waffle fries are my favorite.

A few months ago I bought a solid shirt like this one from the Gap online.  I like the pattern on this one a lot and love how my other one fits.  Right now there is 30% off at the Gap.

And while I was on the Gap website, I saw this scarf.  It is a little bit fall-like to me which I'm not ready for, but I love the colors.

What did you find that caught your eye this week?


Peaceful Reader said...

Chick-fil in the middle of all those pretty clothes...? I love the Gap shirt. I hope it is warm there; it is cold and rainy here.

Ti said...

Before I was gluten free I tried Chick-fil-A and thought it was just okay. I did like their sweet tea but it was way too sweet so I had to cut it with some unsweetened tea to balance it out.

I still haven't purchased any clothes. I am think I may wait for fall now. LOL.