Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Primates of Park Avenue

I'm having such a great time on vacation and getting so many books read that it's  hard to know which one to review first. Most of what I've been reading has been pretty light and fun.  Perfect for vacation.

The Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin is a non-fiction look at life in the Upper East Side.

Martin grew up in the midwest and her move to New York City after marrying was somewhat of a culture shock.

Her book provides some over the top examples of life with too much money, which is a far cry from what my own life is like.  However, after reading books like The Devil Wears Prada my surprise at the way this special population lives was minimal.

I did see a little press criticizing Martin's book but I enjoyed it and found this a great insider's look at a life I will never lead.


Ti said...

What a title! Non-fiction is not my thing typically but I'd read this.

Hope you are having fun on vacation! I wish I was on one, myself.

Anne Bennett said...

I see you are listening to THE BOYS IN THE BOAT. Isn't if fabulous? Where are you on vacation?I'm stuck at home waiting for the air-conditioning man to show up! Sigh.

Peaceful Reader said...

I read a NY Times review of this and it was relatively thumbs down. I'm still intrigued. When do you come home?