Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vacation Eating

Remember how I was so proud to have completed the Whole 30 just a few weeks ago?  I knew that vacation would be a challenge, and then I just totally gave up and decided to eat the things I wanted to on vacation. I mean it's vacation which means I shouldn't have to count calories- at least that closely.

So after a week of vacation I am not counting calories at all.  I've had great ice cream a few times and some other amazing meals I wouldn't eat if we were at home.  And I've enjoyed every last bite.

Sadly, vacation is coming to an end.  

However, I am ready to get home - and ready to eat my more familiar, healthy foods and not feel stuffed full after every meal.  

Here are some of my favorite meals of the past week:

This isn't just any caesar salad.  The Early Girl Eatery in Asheville, North Carolina, makes these scrumptious croutons from grits.  Amazing!

It seems as though everyone in the South eats pancakes.  We started out with Cracker Barrel pancakes on our first night of our trip and the girls have tried pancakes from a variety of places. These above are from Early Girl Eatery again - and I even tried them.  I have moved to almond flour pancakes, but these multi-grain pancakes were delish!

And so, since we're in the South, our friends made us a true Southern meal:

potatoes, sausage, crab legs, shrimp, corn on the cob and watermelon

My girls don't get a lot of opportunities to eat sea food in Iowa, but they were all game to try it.  I believe the comment was, "It's not too bad."

We followed up our supper with possibly the best donuts ever: Britts Donut Shop

The line went around the block, but it was well worth it.

Although this post doesn't represent any cooking I've done in the past week, I'm linking it to Beth Fish Reads' Weekend Cooking meme, since it does share a variety of wonderful meals and eating I've been doing.


Tina said...

HI Tina, it's Tina! I am glad you hooked up this post because I saw lots of great looking dishes. Sounds like you had a good vacation. I know what you mean about getting back to healthier eating though :-)

Beth F said...

This is a great Weekend Cooking post! Those grit croutons sound amazing. And I too know what's like after vacation. I love eating out and trying all kinds of delicious things, but I'm usually ready to return to my more healthy eating.

JoAnn said...

Now I'm hungry! Croutons made from grits sound so good. Reminds me of the best crouton I ever had (in Florida)... breaded, lightly fried avocado.

(Diane) bookchickdi said...

Croutons from grits? I'd love to try that! I'm glad you had a good time on vacation; the eating is always the best.

Anonymous said...

The big pot of goodies is called a Lowcountry Boil. We'll save the boiled peanuts for next time. Sorry that we didn't squeeze them in this trip.

Alba Forbe said...

Fantastic post! :) I always love going on holidays and trying new things. Good your kids were up to try new food too!

Carole said...

Looks like you had a great time! Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

Vicki said...

Looks like you're having a great vacation. I got home from one a few weeks ago and still remember how much I ate. It was ridiculous LOL!

Laurie C said...

The croutons from grits idea makes me wonder about possibilities for gluten-free croutons that aren't made from bread! Of course, with low-carb, we don't have croutons anymore at home, anyway. We need to go on vacation, too!

Claudia said...

I like the idea of making croutons from left-over grits (or polenta)! Terrific, you can get inspired from vacation eating.

Ti said...

I could actually eat croutons made from grits. I will have to try that. Vacation food is so fun. I love breakfast out. I never indulge in a good breakfast at least not in the morning. We do a lot of breakfast for dinner but I love a good breakfast while on vacation.

Couscous & Consciousness said...

I agree - vacations should not be spent counting calories. It's a time to relish new food experiences, enjoy some of the things you wouldn't normally eat at home, and to relish every single mouthful.