Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Five

Happy Friday! And Happy Summer Vacation!  I've officially been off of work for a week, although I did go back to school on two separate days to finish things up.  It feels like summer now. The weather has been just beautiful.  And with my extra free time I've managed to look around online and find some great things.'s what I found this week:

My thin stripe roll sleeve popover from the Gap just arrived yesterday. I can't wait to wear this on cool summer days or to school in the fall.  I caught a deal on it a few days ago - everything was 40% off - which made it a bit easier to justify.

 I came across this Watercolor muscle tank on the Gap website but I had already placed my order. That might have been a good thing because otherwise I probably would have purchased more than I initially intended. They have some great things right now.

Garnet Hill has such nice things. They're always a bit out of my price range, but they do have pretty decent sales.  This Lightweight linen cross-over sweater comes in a few colors and I'm keeping my eye on it.  Right now it's $98, which seems like a little much. 

I had never heard of Oiselle, but when you surf the internet long enough and read a variety of blogs, it isn't hard to continue to find some great things week after week.  Oiselle has a variety of relaxed clothing. I've read great things about their running tanks, but at this point I really need a few pairs of shorts- ones that I can run in, but also ones I can wear around home with a T-shirt.
These are a nice length (not ridiculously short), so I might have to invest in a pair soon. It's getting hot out!

This is Day 26 of The Whole 30. Woot Woot!  It's been a tidge difficult to find a protein bar that is Whole 30 approved AND can be found locally.  We just don't live in a big enough urban area for a lot of the more unique foods that seem to be recommended. However, I can get these Rx Bars through Amazon.  I've only had the Coffee Cacao because I am craving something that tastes sort of like chocolate but like them.  And despite their small size, they are filling.  

And how about you? What's caught your eye this week?

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Ti said...

I haven't been doing much looking lately. My son finished school yesterday and my daughter promotes next week from 6th to 7th so I feel as if I need to let the week pass before I take a moment for myself. These past three weeks have been grueling. I still haven't cleaned my closet out yet. It's organized but there is so much stuff in there that I hate. That whole "clothes should bring joy" mantra is what I am going for.