Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Royal We

I have been in love with the British Royal Family since Prince William's birth in 1982, when I began collecting anything I could find about them.

From William's baptism to his dating and eventual marriage to Kate Middleton, the world has been privy to nearly everything he has done.

In The Royal We Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan explore a fictionalized version of William and Kate's courtship.

Prince Nicholas and Bex fall in love while they are university.  She is an American (from Muscatine, Iowa, no less!), arriving for a term abroad when the two bump into each other.  Becky doesn't know who Nick is initially, but it doesn't take long for her to realize she is sharing a residence with HRH Prince Nicholas of Wales.

There are portions of this story that appear to closely mirror Prince William's courtship to Kate Middleton.  And there are a lot of things that are very different.  

Prince Freddy, Nicholas' younger brother is a playboy womanizer, much like Prince Harry.

Prince Dick, Nicholas' father is aloof and disappointed in his son, vastly different from Prince Charles.

Bex and Nicholas' courted for years before marrying (similar), and Lacey, Becky's twin had a short-lived fling with Freddy (different).  The wedding took place in April (similar), and the list of comparisons continues.

I fell in love with this sort-of familiar story about a girl getting her prince.  The Royal We is one of my five star reads of the year, an absolute pleasure and delight to read the entire way through.  I look forward to Memorial Day weekend every year for the additional day of reading I can get in and The Royal We pretty much took over my whole weekend.


Christina T said...

I really enjoyed this one too. I think it is a great book to pick up for summer reading. I liked the characters and the development of the relationship between Bex and Nick and how it explored the complications of being in a relationship in the public eye and with someone who is royal. I think half the fun of the book is just picking up on the similarities of Will & Kate. The book also reminded me of the movie The Prince & Me. Nice review!

Kay said...

I remember you talking about how much you like the Royals in the past. I saw this book at the library the other day and almost picked it up. I'm going to be trying to branch out a bit this summer and read some other things. I'm definitely going to be trying this one. Good to know that it worked well for you!