Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Salon: Evening Edition

My first Sunday of summer vacation, and I've nearly let the day get away from me without posting a Sunday Salon.  I am a person who does a lot better with structure and a schedule, so having the summer off is nice, but I am not nearly as productive as I could be.  

As most last weeks of school are, mine was jam-packed with activities.  I am technically done with my school year, but am going back to work a little while tomorrow.

Tonight I am cooking up a ton of Whole30 foods.  Today is Day 21, and although I'm counting down, I don't want to totally go back to eating junk after 30 days have elapsed.

I feel good and the foods I am eating are very healthy.  The downfall is that no one else in my family eats this way, and it is very expensive.

One of the highlights this week has been almond flour pancakes with frozen blueberries fried in coconut oil.  Delish!

I've got a spaghetti squash in the oven that I'll divide in containers to it can be ready for meals later this week and also whipped up a homemade sugar free marinara sauce with ground beef.

I found an interesting recipe for cauliflower bread sticks that I'd still like to try, but not tonight anymore.

My finger continues to improve but I am still anxiously awaiting the day I can get it wet and do more than just run.

My girls get done with school on Wednesday, and then summer officially begins at our house.  I'm hoping that I can be motivated enough to organize myself in these next few days before we waste our summer by sleeping in and lazing in front of the television.

Enjoy the little bit that's left of your weekend!  

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Ti said...

Yep. That finger is improving every day.

That pancake looks good. I am skipping lunch today so I can leave early for that awards gig my kid is in. I am a wreck. So nervous for him. Casting agents from Disney and Nick showed up this past weekend. It's getting real. He is in the theatre all day today and the show is tonight. I am so worried about not getting there in time. I have to go home, get the other kid, the hub... somehow eat and then go through traffic in just a little over 90 min.