Monday, May 18, 2015

9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes

Patricia Morrisroe can trace many events in her life back to the shoes she was wearing during that time.    

I, too, love a good pair of shoes.  I can still remember my pair of powder blue terry cloth tennis shoes I had in first grade.  So, it's not surprising that 9 1/2 Narrow: My Life in Shoes would be a memoir I could relate to.

At each rite of passage Morrisroe shares, she shares the type of shoe worn as well.  As a Catholic school girl in brogues and eventually a bride in Manolos, the life event is shared along with interesting information and tidbits about the shoes and their history.

Morrisroe is a little older than me, which left me out of the loop a time or two as the types of shoes she wears aren't necessarily ones I could remember. However, her book is about more than shoes.  Her life experiences are ones that women everywhere can relate to.  Growing up, leaving home, getting married, and assisting aging parents are all life events that Morrisroe covers.

This was a fun memoir and although shoes might be at its center, there's much more to it than the pair of shoes that catches your eye. 

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