Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Salon

This week has been interesting to say the least.  My finger injury on Thursday morning is the highlight, but I've been having cell phone problems as well.  And early this past week I was notified by my credit card company that my number had been used for a purchase that I didn't make, so I am now without a credit card.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I have had a few things I need to register for online and simply cannot do it right now.  

I missed work on Thursday and Friday because of the pain I was in and the pain meds I was on.  I slept a lot and read a lot.  

However, yesterday was a full day.  Middle Sister had a soccer game in Decorah, a beautiful college town.  My brother-in-law attended Luther College in Decorah, so I have been to the town before and enjoyed some of the things people come there to do.  Yesterday our trip was short but we still made it to the trout hatchery and Mabe's for pizza (which I had none of since I am plugging away on the Whole 30).  

The Eagle's nest.  There is one adult eagle in the nest in this picture.  Our view from the ground wasn't nearly as good as this one, but it was fun to see in person.

We ended our evening with a movie:

I hadn't seen the first Pitch Perfect movie, so I know there were a few things I missed in this one because of that, but I still really liked it.

So now today I have a lot of cleaning to do that is taking a much longer time than I want.  I have school stuff to think about.  I might try and ride the Airdyne bike which seems like it might be the one form of exercise that won't make my finger throb.  

I mentioned The Whole30 before.  It is going fine.  I wish I could drink a water with a flavor, but can't.  I haven't cooked the last part of the week which has really restricted my food choices.  I am hoping I can get a few things whipped up for the week and that will help a lot.  I have eaten a lot of scrambled eggs and ground beef with mashed avocado.  Although fruit is on the list of approved foods it isn't supposed to be eaten all the time. I will admit to eating it on Thursday and Friday when I felt like I needed some sugar in my system.  

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!


Kay said...

Good to hear that your hand is better. And good to hear that your whole 30 is going along OK. Probably would have been easier without the hand problem. We want to see Pitch Perfect 2 as well. We watched the first one recently. Our grown daughter loved the first one and went to a sing-a-long at a local movie house that starred the Pitch Perfect movie. She said it was a lot of fun. Have a good week!

Ti said...

So sorry your finger is still giving you grief! It sounds so painful!

Good luck with your dietary goals. I am a mess in that area lately. I can't focus on it when my health is so crappy but I'm sure it would help with the lupus if I could pull myself together.