Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Two on Tuesday: Beach Reads for the Summer

It's getting to be the time of year I enjoy most for the reading I can get done.  Many of my summer afternoons are spent at the swimming pool watching as my daughters have fun in the water.  So, I'm always on the lookout for books that would be great to pack along for these afternoons.  Two new books I read this past week are recommendations I'll be passing along to others these next few months.

Karen White's novel The Sound of Glass was sent to me for review and I owe her publisher an extra thanks. This is my first experience with White's writing and I now have White's other titles to enjoy as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed The Sound of Glass. 

 Set in the South, Merritt and Loralee alternate narrating chapters of this novel that brings many secrets to light.

When Merritt's husband dies she finds herself starting over in his grandmother's house that she had inherited.  Joining her are her step-mother, Loralee and half-brother Owen who she has never met.  Although Merritt is surprised by their arrival, and not very happy about it, she allows them to temporarily move in with her.  And as if these unplanned houseguests weren't enough for Merritt to contend with, she is also learning about her dead husband's family and the secrets they kept.

The story is full of secrets and surprises along with friendship and a glimpse of history.  I loved this novel more than I ever thought I would and I have plenty of people I will be recommending this to.


Mary Kay Andrews' latest book Beach Town got me through my day on Thursday as I rested and recovered from my smashed finger.  Andrews doesn't ever disappoint me, and her newest novel is a perfect book to tuck along in your beach bag.

Greer has finally found the perfect location for a movie shoot she is in charge of.  The small Florida town looks like it has seen better days, and is the type of location where the town's mayor also owns nearly all the town's businesses.  And that man, Eb Thibadeaux, seems to be in direct opposition to everything that Greer wants and needs to make her movie a success.

The longer Greer stays in this small town, the more she finds to like about it- and even though she and Eb should be sworn enemies, she is attracted to him.

There is drama with the making of the movie that adds to Greer's stress, and the reappearance of her father who she hasn't seen in a few decades that round out this story.

I always enjoy Andrews' novels, and am thankful she continues to publish at a regular rate, although this story was over far too soon and I am once again left waiting to see what she will next create.

As beach weather approaches and Memorial Day is right around the corner, both these books are ones that should be hits this summer season.

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Kay said...

I am hearing good things about both of these and agree they are just the thing for fun summer reads. I have not read any of Karen White's book either, even though many have been recommended. Need to do that. Read some, I mean. LOL