Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Salon

This is the view from one of our dining area windows today when we woke up.

It was beautiful, even though I'm not much for snow in March. It has melted already since then along with a lot more snow.  We should have temps in the mid-forties all week (maybe even fifties), so I am expecting almost all the snow to melt in the next few days.

I had nearly every minute of my weekend booked up, but Little Sister managed to get a doozy of a cold, and even vomited yesterday. So instead of going to Middle Sister's volleyball tournament, I stayed home.  That rarely happens.  

Today, I taught Sunday School and took Middle Sister and Big Sister to see McFarland, USA with Big Sister's cross country team.  The theater was packed, and I loved the movie.  

I am a sucker for feel good sports movies, and McFarland, USA definitely fit the bill.

Yesterday I struggled with finding something to read that would really suck me in.  I've had a lot of great books I've read recently, and sadly, I feel like a reading slump is about to hit.  I am hoping the feeling passes quickly since spring break will soon be here and I will have a bit of extra time to read.

I'm mostly focused on getting through this next week with students so that spring break can start.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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Ti said...

A bit of trivia for you. McFarland's X country consultant was my high school driver's ed teacher and also my son's X country coach. He is till coaching the team now but will probably retire soon. My son and I went to two different schools too so what are the odds? Coach Broneer is also in the movie!