Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Five

Another Friday already!  There have been quite a few things I've enjoyed online this week.  Here are the highlights:

 A co-worker was looking at buying a pair of these Lucky Booties from Nordstrom - she was eyeing the black ones. Well, I could tell there was also an animal print selection, something I am in love with.  We're both waiting for our respective pairs to go on sale.  

My mom's waffle iron is sitting on my counter right now since she rarely uses it, I borrow it when I'm in the mood for making waffles, except now I might need it all the time because these waffle hacks are amazing. I already served my girls the cinnamon roll waffles.  They were skeptical at first, but did gobble them up.  Plus, I am all about a breakfast that can be made in under five minutes.

And, while I am trying to maximize my time, I've been listening to Stuff You've Missed in History Class, the podcasts, on my way to and from work. Since my high school teacher spent our class time cutting his toenails and reading Louie L'amour novels in the back of the classroom, I missed a lot in history class. I am enjoying learning some great tidbits from the past.

Modcloth is a retailer I keep hearing about - and seeing on my Facebook feed - although I have yet to order anything from them. I am loving this chevron top and think a bright sweater over it would be perfect for work.

My girls have a slight Starbucks obsession right now. I usually don't order anything - especially after I've seen the caloric content in one of their frapuccinos.  However, I can be persuaded to drink some of my daughters' especially if they get the Snickers frappuccino, my new (and only) favorite.


Kay said...

Um, first of all, toenail cutting - ick! During films, I assume. Starbucks skinny lattes or not bad on calorie count - mostly skim milk. There's your calcium. :-)

Nordstrom's has the best shoe department ever. When we moved to Portland, OR, in the '90's, I discovered Nordstrom's. Lovely, lovely shoes. At that time, they had not opened stores in Austin. And clean bathrooms. A big plus.

Ti said...

Your history teacher DID NOT do that, did he? That is so disgusting.

I haven't heard of that podcast but that would be good for me to listen to. Sadly, history is not a strong subject for me. I may have loose timelines in my head of what happened and when but the details... ugh.

Anne Bennett said...

Snickers frappuccino? Yum!