Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Salon: California Dreaming

Today I'm doing a little dreaming of warm weather because it is definitely still winter in Iowa.  And yet I can't complain too much because we are not receiving the blizzards that the northeast is.

The Beach Boys- view from our nosebleed seats

On Thursday the girls (ladies) in our family took my mom to see The Beach Boys for her upcoming birthday.  I'm not sure my daughters appreciate the fact that they were able to see these music legends, but I have hope that someday they will think back with a little more appreciation than they have right now.
My mother enjoyed the show as did my sister and I.

Yesterday I spent another Saturday in a gym watching fifth grade volleyball.  Middle Sister's team is still really good, and for the second time this season won the tournament.  

Middle Sister (front far right) and her volleyball team

Today I am going to attempt to do some cooking for the week. I already whipped up a batch of puppy chow for the girls to snack on, and will soon throw a loaf of beer bread in the oven.

Little Sister with the chicken and wild rice soup served in a bread bowl I made thanks to Pinterest

I also need to hit the treadmill and try and get a few blog posts written for the week. There is never a lack of things to do and I have barely had time to think about sitting down and reading for pleasure.  

My other thought for this Sunday is going through my clothes in the closet and getting rid of things. I rarely make time for watching television, but did watch a documentary on Netflix last night about the tiny home movement. I know I could never go to that extreme, but it does make me realize how much extra junk I have hanging around.  I really want to do better and have a few quality items I enjoy wearing in my collection instead of a whole bunch of things I don't really like.  We'll see how this works out.

I hope everyone is keeping warm out there, enjoying their Valentine weekend.


Kay said...

How fun to get to hear the Beach Boys! I'd have loved it.

That soup looks really good. Hope you have a good week!!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...


I tried something new with my closet in the fall that I read in a magazine. They tell u to put all your hangers in one direction at the start of the season and once you wear something and put it back put the hanger in the opposite direction. When summer comes and you change closet again, you will easily identify ALL of the stuff you never wore and should donate it! LOL

Already I've realized I tend to only wear half of all that is in my closet!

Have a great week.

Anne Bennett said...

We had a fun week-end in Leavenworth, Washington. Thanks for visiting the blog. Stay warm!

Ti said...

I swear it was in the 90s yesterday by us. I came out of church and wanted to melt.

The Tiny House movement is very appealing. I could do that if the kids were out of the house but with a family? That would be a challenge.

I've been cutting back on stuff for years though. I still have l of junk but not nearly as much and I don't buy much these days to replace anything I've tossed so I am making progress.