Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sharing the Love

With Valentines quickly approaching, the kids at school have been eagerly asking for any Valentine's Day books I might have.   Although I have some, I really wish there were to offer my students for this holiday.

Happily, this year there are three new titles I have added to my collection:

Crankenstein Valentine by Samantha Berger is the second book about this little monster. In this installment, Crankenstein is definitely not excited to be celebrating this holiday that focuses on love.  The illustration by Dan Santat are cute and colorful bringing this story to life.  I read this one a while ago as a bedtime story to my youngest daughter and we had a great time with it - laughing a few time as Crankenstein tries to avoid showing that he enjoys Valentines Day at all.

Clark The Shark Takes Heart by Bruce Hale adds another installment in the growing collection of Clark the Shark books.  My four year old nephew absolutely loves Clark and I can hardly wait to see him this weekend and share this newest book.  Clark likes Anna Angelfish, so when he looks for a birthday present for her, he wants the gift to be perfect.  No matter what he finds, things don't work out for Clark, and Anna doesn't notice all his efforts. Eventually Clark determines he must tell Anna how he feels.

Did You Know that I Love You by Christa Pierce is a sweet little love story as Bird asks Fox if he knows how much she loves him.  The text is rhyming, with speech bubbles for both Bird and Fox, as Bird asks Fox if he knows of her love.  This book would be a perfect little story for young children who will appreciate the bird's constant love.

These three Valentine's Day books have been fun to read with my children. Although I still love Diane de Groat's Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink and The Ballad of Lucy Valentine by Alison Jackson, I am happy to have this collection of holiday books increase.

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