Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Salon

After anticipating the Thanksgiving holiday, our four day weekend is coming to an end.  We are fortunate to have family close by, and our Thanksgiving day meal consisted of having my mother and my in-laws over for lunch.  

I served the traditional green bean casserole and scalloped corn, but tried out a new recipe for sweet potatoes and crack potatoes that went over well.  I also baked a cinnamon roll cake that was extremely sweet, but gobbled up by my children.

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself and the self-control I exhibited during lunch. However, after I came home from my evening Black Friday shopping spree I ate whatever I could find.  Disgusting. 

The annual after lunch Thanksgiving Day puzzle party

We managed a trip to Des Moines to visit my sister and her family and last night went with my brother and his children to see Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.  My mom joined us and my sister-in-law stayed home with one sick baby. I really liked the movie, which aside from its title had little to do with the book by Judith Viorst.

Today we are finally working on decorating the Christmas tree. We didn't get out any decorations last year because of our kitchen mess, which makes it a little more exciting.  It also might explain why we have had to throw a few things out that have broken while in storage. 

The highlight of my weekend was stopping to see one of my former students at his apartment in Des Moines.  I had tried emailing and calling but got no response, so on our way back home we tried to find him. He and his parents were home and my mom and children all came in for a visit, too.  His family always is happy to invite guests in, serve us tea, and try to have a conversation with us.  (My Burmese is non-existent and their English is still a little rough).  Taking the time to do this was well worth it; I was happy to see Pyae and know that he was doing well and that his parents have secured better jobs.

Tonight I've got to plan some meals for the week, and organize myself for tomorrow. The girls all have dental appointments bright and early tomorrow and I need to get into a routine.

I hope you all have had a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy what's left!

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Ti said...

I love that you were able to visit your student.

Is that THE table that was built?