Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blast From the Past

The thing I've noticed about December 2004 is what really great books I read.  I'd go back and happily re-read any of these.

Ms. Moffett's First Year by Abby Goodnough
I think every teacher should read this account of a teacher's first year.  I read this while I still taught in a small district, but Ms. Moffett's encounters with administrators and the bureaucracy in a larger school district are (sadly) something I can now relate to.

I would love to be a writer.....someday when I have free time.  I've told myself that for a long time - at least a decade it seems.  This might be a good book to dig out again just to see if I can spur myself into action.

A child of the 80s, I loved Lisa Whelchel as Blair on The Facts of Life.  I also kept up with her enough to know that Whelchel went on to leave Hollywood and write books on faith.  I liked this book which is probably considered a bit of a memoir mixed with some religion.

I loved The Doctor's Wife which apart from remembering it was creepy, I can't recall much of.  However, I do know I've tried other books by Brundage since and none have lived up to this one.

Liz Glyck is a name that I will probably never forget.  Her husband, Jeremy, was killed on 9/11 as he and Todd Beamer and a variety of other passengers stormed the cockpit and diverted the plane headed for The White House.  Her book is written for her daughter, Emmy, as she shares stories of Jeremy, their courtship and marriage, and why she loved this man.

How about you? What were you reading last year?  Ten year ago?

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