Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Salon: It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

For all of you who don't live with true winter weather, I would be happy to switch places with you for a while.  November 15 just seems waaaaaaay too early to have snow, especially when you know this is what life will be like for the next five months.  However, despite my lack of enthusiasm about the snow, it is beautiful.  And it does get me in the Christmas frame of mind.

Right after church this morning Middle Sister and Little Sister headed outside to enjoy the snow.  

The rest of us stayed inside, nice and toasty warm.

I still need to head out to Sam's Club and get a few essentials, and Little Sister has a birthday party this afternoon.  And when she returns there will be some chili to enjoy along with the Packers game.

Yesterday we celebrated my nephew's birthday and my niece's birthday.  Since the grandchildren won't be together again until Christmas my sister-in-law and I (really my sister-in-law since I am really good at thinking of ideas and she is really good at actually getting them done) directed an art project to give my mother to use for the holidays.

Although our tree doesn't quite look like the one I found on pinterest (below),

it is still pretty cute. Right now we are just waiting for the paint to dry and the star to be added on.  

This week at school is going to be super busy since by book fair runs the entire week.  I stayed late on Friday to get it all set up and the students are excited about it.  Wrestling practice begins tomorrow for my husband. This year Big Sister is a wrestling manager so she will also be busy after school during practices.  And volleyball season has also begun for Middle Sister.  I enjoyed the few weeks we had off between soccer and the busy-ness of winter sports, but now we are right back at it.  

I'm hoping that while everyone else is busy watching the Packers I can find a few minutes to snuggle up with a good book and organize myself for the week.

What's up for your Sunday?

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Ti said...

The Hub ended up taking The Girl to see Big Hero 6 because she was invited by a family that I did not know and I just didn't feel comfortable letting her go by herself. BUT, he missed the Packer game so I have to send him score updates as they came in. He wanted to see the movie too or I would have gone in his place.

Weather. Windy and cold here. Cold for us is 51 in the morning and 66 in the evening but for us, that's cold.