Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Five: It's Definitely Getting Closer to the Holidays

I hate the mess of winter hats, mittens and scarves.  But, the weather for those items has arrived here in Iowa.  I am almost wishing I could be a kid again and get away with wearing these hats I found on  Love the one with the beard especially.

Growing up, our air popper saw a lot of use. My dad would make a batch of popcorn several times a week in the evening as he was watching basketball games on television.  Microwave popcorn is so easy that we don't own a popper at all. But I love this retro popper from Target, and wouldn't mind having one for our family so that we could enjoy the taste of air popped corn on some cold winter nights.

These mittens from White Sierra seriously remind me of marshmallows.  Soooooo cozy!  I needed  pair of mittens and I am most generally freezing cold all the time, which is a little problem when you get to experience winter in Iowa.  I don't mind the white side of them, but when I get sick of wearing marshmallows on my hands, I can change them over to the brown side, which is pretty much perfect for me since almost everything I own is some shade of brown.

I've got this journal x 3 in my Amazon cart right now. I fell in love with it the other day when the girls and I were shopping for a present for my one-year-old niece, but it is hard to buy presents for the girls when they are with me.  I am planning on giving each girl their own Q & A journal for Christmas.  The questions are for kids: "Have you ever been in trouble?"  "What animal do you feel like today?"  I hope my girls find these books as a treasure (or I may have to force them to write in them daily), because looking back at them after they are grown will be so much fun.

I love these Steve Madden shoes. They've been marked down once already, but I'm waiting a little longer to see if they are further reduced.  These would perk up a lot of my brown clothes that just need a little jolt of something.

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