Monday, November 17, 2014

The Chance You Won't Return

Alex appears to be just like every other high school girl: thinking about boys, learning how to drive (although this is more of a struggle for Alex than it is for most teenagers). But there is a lot more going on in Alex's life than anyone else can imagine.  

Alex's mother appears to sinking further and further into her delusions, believing she is Amelia Earhart.  Aside from the fact that Alex is amazed by her mother's knowledge of Earhart's life, she is also appalled to have anyone else know about what is going on at home.

However, although things are going badly for Alex's family, Alex is finally enjoying dating a boy she likes and who appears to like her back. Keeping him separate from her family life is difficult, and Alex is dealing with a lot all by herself.

When I first started this book, I very nearly put it down.  I felt like this story might be just not something I felt like reading.  But once I was a few chapters in I was hooked.  I'm not sure someone could really suffer from a delusion like Alex's mom did (but I also admit I'm not in any way well versed in psychiatric disorders) but I was intrigued by this premise a lot. 

I also really liked Alex.  She tried to hold everything together even though things were not going well at home.  When she finally finds a boy who likes her I couldn't help but root for her and hope that she would find the support she was missing out on from her parents.

This is a first novel from Cardi and I'm excited to see what else she has in store.

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