Monday, October 27, 2014

Shopaholic to the Stars

I don't read a lot of chick lit anymore, but when I do there's no one I'd rather read about than Becky Brandon, Shopaholic to the Stars.  

I've been with Becky since the very first Shopaholic book came out, and I always enjoy the problems Becky finds herself in, despite her best intentions.  

And I always wonder what Sophie Kinsella will find for Becky to do next. It seems we've run through a marriage, the birth of a child, even finding a long lost sister. What else is left?

A visit to the States, that's what.  

Becky's husband's job is taking the family to Hollywood, and Becky can just imagine herself helping the stars shop. It's a job she'd be great at.  

But of course, there are (mis)adventures along the way, most of which made me chuckle to myself. 

The Shopaholic books are just pure fun.  I don't think I would enjoy reading these all consecutively, but with an installment coming out every year or so, they are just entertaining to me.  And, although this is part of a series, they are also easily read as stand-alone novels.

Kinsella's latest Shopaholic book is worth checking out. It's sure to bring a few laughs.

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