Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Salon: The End of October

We have had another beautiful fall weekend which made the all day soccer tournament on Saturday a fun experience.  Last year I remember sitting in our van as long as possible before getting out to watch the girls play in the freezing cold.  This year it was nearly seventy degrees.  Wonderful.  

I didn't have school on Friday due to two late nights of conferences this past week. I was looking forward to the three day weekend, but was glad I hadn't made plans. Little Sister was sick with strep throat.  If you have read my blog for any length of time you  may remember she had strep several times last winter.  We have seen a specialist who tells us the new rule of thumb is that in order to take the tonsils, a child should have strep 7 times in six months.  Well, we didn't quite make that cut-off last winter/spring, but I don't want to mess around with her being sick the entire winter, either, so tomorrow morning I am planning on calling the specialist again.  The meds have kicked in, and although she is a little more tired, seems to be functioning fairly well.

Today we had a little Halloween preview as my hometown (where my brother lives with his family) had their trick or treating.  All the cousins were able to trick or treat together and we have quite the pile of candy here.

In addition to candy, I have been doing a bit of baking.  I whipped up an apple cake earlier today and have an apple crisp in the oven right now.  Won't that be a great treat for my husband and daughters while they watch the Green Bay game?

Although I had three days off I did little reading.  Tonight I am hoping to dive into Belzhar for a while before falling asleep.  And I am still trying to finish up Shopaholic to the Stars, the latest Sophie Kinsella Shopaholic book.

I'm enjoying my last few minutes of the weekend - hopefully you are all ready for the week ahead!

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Ti said...

I'm sorry your daughter is sick again with strep. They really make a big deal out of tonsils, don't they? My gluten allergy caused so much damage to my one tonsil that it disintegrated! My other tonsil is the first to react when I get cross-contaminated and I so wish they would just take it out but they won't. I know it's not the same as strep but it seems to be falling apart anyway and it's bothersome.

Halloween is an unknown for us this year. The neighborhood finally kicked in and decorated but the kid who has been coming over to my house for the past four years has a track meet the next day and now her mom is debating if she should come or not. Plus, there is a major football game at the high school. Yes, on Halloween. The Teen and his girlfriend said they will be hanging out with us at the house and carving pumpkins but we'll see if the plans change.