Monday, September 8, 2014

The Good Girl

Mary Kubica's book, The Good Girl, has the sort of cover that sticks with you, and a story that does the same.

I've seen this one mentioned a few places as a fall title to watch.  I can honestly say that it was absolutely amazing.  In fact, I was nearly late to work on Thursday because I couldn't leave for work until I finished it up. And once I had, I wanted to talk to someone about it.  

Kubica's novel is narrated by three people: Eve, Mia Dennett's mother, Gabe, the private detective looking for Mia, and Colin, Mia's captor.  These voices share bits and pieces of what the search for Mia entailed, while Colin shares what his time with Mia in a remote Minnesota cabin was like.

Mia Dennett, the daughter of a prominent judge and his wife, goes missing.  She is an adult, and although a bit prone to some wild behavior in her teen years, is now holding a steady job as a teacher.  Her disappearance is noted by her friends, and her family soon begins looking desperately for her.  Although she is eventually rescued, Mia is not the same girl she was before her kidnapping.  And to top it off, she can't remember her time in captivity.

It isn't until the last chapter that we get to hear Mia's voice. And when we do, the entire story is turned upside down.

I see the average ratings Amazon reviewers have given this book, and honestly, I'm not sure why.  Maybe I am not reading this book critically enough, but I was so engaged right from the start, I just wanted to sit and read.  I also liked Kubica's way of telling the story, changing narrators, as well as time periods with part of the story being told while Mia was missing, and part being told after she had returned home.

I am looking forward to more work by Kubica.  Definitely recommending this one to friends, and can't wait to discuss it.  

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Ti said...

Yeah, it's gotten some iffy reviews but I put it on hold at the library anyway. Sometimes you just want to be entertained and this sounds like that kind of book.