Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Salon: September Fun Outdoors

I love hot weather and was sorely disappointed with our lack of it this summer. However, even though I love a hot and humid day, the weather we have had much of this week has been perfect.  I have enjoyed every second of our outdoor activities.

Big Sister had her first middle school cross country meet.  We didn't know what to expect exactly....some of the girls are fast.  The winning time was 5:51 (can you imagine?!).  Big Sister finished with a 7:28 mile - great for a first time.  We are most proud of the fact that she is willing to put herself out there and try something like cross country and be a part of a team.

Middle Sister and her entire fifth grade class spent three days camping.  Here she is with her big catch and one of the camp helpers.  I have been told this is the biggest fish that has ever been caught at camp.

And while Little Sister did get a few girly things for her birthday, her big present was a bow and arrow.  It is still hard for her, and it is something she is going to need adult supervision while doing, but she had tried it before and enjoyed it. Here she is practicing with Dad one night in our yard.

And, to finish up our Saturday, Big Sister (left) and Middle Sister (right) ran in a 5K glow run.  (Notice Middle Sister grabbing Big Sis's ponytail).  

Today we celebrated Rally Sunday at church with a balloon release.  We're back to our normal Sunday School routine after the morning worship.

We have some cleaning to do today, and I would love to find some time to sit and read. Despite the fact that I have a lot of books stacked up, I am feeling a bit of a slump coming on.  I have looked through all the titles waiting for me, titles I am excited about, and yet feel sort of "meh" about them.  I hope this feeling passes quickly. Today would be a perfect day to sit out on my front porch area and read.

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