Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Salon: Off to Camp

This may be a lonely week around our house.  Middle Sister and Little Sister were dropped off at camp this afternoon.  I am quite surprised that Little Sister didn't end up coming home with us, because she really likes to be close to me.  However, I also know she acts a lot less wimpy when she doesn't have me around.  I guess we'll just see if I get a phone call this week for us to come and pick her up early.

Middle Sister was ready to wave goodbye to us the second we turned into the parking lot. This is her third year at The Heart Connection Camp, so she has made friends with girls that return each year.

While these two are away, Big Sister's birthday party is scheduled to take place.  This year she turns #13. Amazing!  I go back to work officially on Thursday, so things will be returning to normal soon.

Since it takes over two hours to get to camp, I was lucky enough to not be the driver for once. Instead, I got to read Charleston by Margaret Bradham Thornton, which I will finish up tonight.  I'm not sure what to think about the quiet of the house right now. It is certainly different.

Since we stopped for supper on our way home from camp, I can either kick back, watch the rest of the PGA Masters Tournament and read, or begin tidying things up so I don't have to feel embarrassed when Big Sister's friends come to spend the night this week. What would you choose?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I think camp is great for kids - hope little sister enjoys her time away.

Hope you have a good school year. Here they go back the Wednesday before Labor Day.

Ti said...

I bet you cleaned. Am I right?

I wish I had the camp experience as a kid. I always wanted to go to camp but my parents could never afford it.

I'm sure they will be missed though. I can't even deal with a one-night sleepover without missing someone.