Saturday, August 9, 2014


Rainbow Rowell is quickly turning into one of my favorite authors. I loved Eleanor and Park and Fangirl (although I will admit to loving E&P a bit more).  And just a few days ago I tore through Attachments which was just a perfect little romance.

A series of emails fly back and forth between Beth and Jennifer, two close friends who happen to work for the same newspaper. It's 1999, and the internet is still viewed suspiciously by their boss, who hires Lincoln to enforce some basic rules about the use of technology (not emailing inappropriate or personal things, for example).  The ladies know their email is being monitored, but continue their online conversation, despite this.

Lincoln doesn't like his job much. He's still living with his mother, and feels as though his life is in a holding pattern.  However, when he starts to read the emails that Beth and Jennifer send each other, he begins to find them entertaining, and continues to read them as their lives unfold.  Lincoln couldn't pick these women out if he saw them in person, but he feels like he knows them well, especially Beth, who refers to him as Mr. Cute Guy.

There's a sweetness to this story - that these two people could fall in love - or at least fall in like - with each other without ever really meeting each other.  And Lincoln is a man every girl should fall in love with - polite, kind, gentlemanly, and good looking.  

I was totally captivated by this story. I'm not really a romance reader, but this would probably fall in that category. What I am most enjoying about Rowell's writing is her sense of humor and quick wit.  Her books are funny but in a quiet way.

I've definitely fallen in love with Rainbow Rowell's writing and am excited to still have Landline waiting for me in my TBR pile.

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Ti said...

I've read Landline, E&P & Fangirl and have Attachments but haven't read it yet. Where do you think it falls as far as your faves?

I liked E&P best so far and Fangirl and Landline were sort of equal to me.