Monday, August 11, 2014

I've Already Read This!

Every so often I will read a book and find it more than just a bit similar to another book I have already read.

Just this past week I found myself in the middle of Lisa Scottoline's Keep Quiet, all the while thinking, "this is just like The Deepest Secret by Carla Buckley."

There are differences in the stories, but the main premise - main characters involved in a hit and run that they choose to cover up - is the same.

Eve Lattimore's son Tyler has a rare condition where sunlight is fatal to him.  Tyler must remain indoors at all time and Eve has dedicated her life to caring for him and ensuring his safety.  When, on a rainy night, she hits a young girl darting out in the street, Eve initially pulls over and tries to help her. However, the girl is already dead, and thinking of what a prison sentence would mean for her family- and Tyler specifically - she chooses to keep quiet about the crime.

Jake Buckman is trying to forge a relationship with his sixteen year old son, Ryan. When Ryan begs to drive home late at night (after the legal hours his permit allows) Jake agrees.  Despite Ryan's careful driving, in the split second he glances at his father, he hits a jogger.  Ryan wants to admit to his crime and take responsibility, but his father decides the two will cover it up.  

In both books, the web of lies the characters create to cover up their crimes grows more complex as the police look to find the killer.  Both books have some twists and turns along the way. I can't pick one book over the other - each has some good points. I do wish I hadn't read them within a few weeks of each other since I felt like the two stories really were too similar. 

I enjoy both authors' work enough that I will continue to look forward to reading what they publish.  Has anyone else read both of these titles?  Thoughts on their similarities or differences?

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