Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday!  We've had a week of cool weather- almost fall like, which I am not ready for. This next week we will be back to the hot, humid summer-like weather I love.

I've been trying out some new recipes I've found online.  Iowa Girl Eats has tons of fantastic recipes I have enjoyed . However, when I explained this salad recipe to my sister and a few friends, they commented on how time intensive it seemed.  Which I suppose is true.  Nothing took too long, but I did have to candy walnuts myself.  (To think - I was once challenged by making mac and cheese. I've come a long way!)  However, I would happily make, or eat, this salad again.  

Although summer is all about reading books - at least to me - I have had to spend some time this past week organizing the library books I have checked out.

Here's part of the mess as we organized them into stacks based on their due date.  I posted a similar picture on facebook which many friends commented on.  Yes, I am crazy.

What is summer in Iowa without getting to see the parade of tractors cross the state?  Each year a group of people drive their tractors across the state of Iowa. We never know when this big event is going to occur, but our town seems to be on their parade route. We had just gone to the grocery store on Friday and were on our way home when we encountered fifty tractors (give or take a few) coming in our direction. The first thing we did was remarked how thankful we were that we weren't stuck behind them all trying to get into town. And the second thing we did was pull over and watch the parade.  Exciting, I know.

I'm getting ready to try out a recipe my sister gave to my mom, and then hope to find time to read yet today.  It's gorgeous out.

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Ti said...

I follow Iowa Girl Eats, too. Especially now that she is gluten free as well. Not that I wish that on my worst enemy but you know what I mean.

The other day, I made some chicken for a salad as I ate too much over the weekend and man, it sure made a mess of my kitchen. These days, I am not enjoying the cooking. Especially since all the Teen does is take all of the protein, no matter what it is and leave all the salad or sides. When you prepare a package of chicken with the expectation to feed a family of four, it doesn't work when the kids takes nearly all of it for himself!