Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Five

I've been trying to refrain from internet shopping, but it is almost impossible with all the emails I get alerting me to new sales.

If I could spend money, I would love to add these star luminarias to my dining area.  They are $69 right now at Sundance.  

And, while I was perusing the Sundance online site, I came across the clearance selection of sweaters. I could pretty much take one of every style, but this one is one of my favorites. It is sitting in my shopping cart right now.  I'm trying to be strong and refrain from purchasing, but it is just so cute.

With my newfound frugality, this purchase is what I had to get excited about on my recent trip to Target.  One of my friends purchased a new water softener system and no longer could use their Finish pods in their dishwasher. She passed what they had left on to me, and I liked them so much, I bought more when they ran out.  Plus, they look like sushi.  What could be better?

And, that same friend also turned me on to Bear Naked Bars.  There are a few flavors, but since peanut butter is one of them, it wins, hands-down.

With all the great summer sales, it was impossible for me to walk away from Thompson's Shoes empty handed.  (Hey, it wasn't an internet purchase, so at least I am making progress).  My Teva flip flops were purchased eight years ago. I still love them, but they are almost worn through to the ground in some spots.  These Sanuks were clearanced out, and I have pretty much worn them non-stop since Monday when I bought them. They feel great, and I love the zebra print, which makes it somewhat easier to say goodbye to my Tevas.

That's all I've got this Friday.  Do you have any deals to share?

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Ti said...

I haven't really gone online yet to look for stuff but since my kids live in Hollister and that store is always so expensive, I try to hit the summer sale to stock up on tshirts and sweatshirts. I need to do that this week because the teen's bday is next week and although we bought him show tickets I plan to pick up a few shirts for him too.

I think you should buy that sweater. It's cute and it will lighten up the fall when it gets chilly and everyone is wearing darker colors.