Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Five:Summer In Iowa

Iowa isn't known for being an exciting place to vacation.  However, for those of us who live here, there are some very attractive parts of summer in Iowa.  Aside from the humidity, that is.

My brother-in-law and family are visiting from Montana for a week. My sister-in-law snapped this picture from the plane as they were getting ready to land.  Yes, Iowa is beautiful from the sky.

RAGBRAI stopped over in Waverly this year.  We stopped for a bit yesterday and enjoyed the bikers riding into town, the many food vendors, and people watching.  We even came back later to hear Arch Allies play.

Little Sister enjoyed a sno-cone on the hot day.  Flavor: cotton candy

It wouldn't be summer if there wasn't a sports camp or two or three to participate in.  Middle Sister and her friend attended a soccer camp all week put on by the British Soccer Club.  I love the accents!

And, of course, living practically in the woods means there are more creepy crawly things around.  Especially when children don't seem to shut doors.  I wasn't sure what the clicking sound was a few days ago, but eventually found this little guy when the singing started.  Of course, he was high up by a beam at the top of our vaulted ceiling. So, I just enjoyed his performance.  Yesterday morning he was perched on the top of the mirror in the bathroom, so I nicely trapped him in a container and moved him back outside.

There are still a few weeks of summer vacation left.  Which means I need to cram a few months activities into less than half that time.  

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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Ti said...

Cotton Candy. My daughter loves that flavor. The other day, at Starbucks the lady asked her if she wanted a Cotton Candy frapp. I was like, what?? I have never heard of such a thing. Well, it's a Vanilla Bean frapp with three pumps of raspberry syrup and for some odd reason, it tastes just like cotton candy! I took a sip and thought, whoa, that's good.

It is hot here today. It's supposed to be 105 and I have been working backstage with stinky, sweating kids.